Discretionary Portfolio Management

In today's fast-moving and complicated markets, finding time to manage investments can be extremely difficult. Mubasher Invest covers all regional markets as well as the major international markets, backed by our unique global research capabilities. Discretionary Portfolio Management Service puts these resources to work for you0 through handling the day-to-day management of your portfolio, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Non-discretionary Portfolio Management

Through our research-driven approach & our dedicated practice, we help our clients to manage risk, improve performance and sustain the results. The Non-discretionary Portfolio Management Service helps you to construct and manage your portfolio. This service is totally tailored to your needs and is made convenient to you if you want to make your own decisions based on our investment advice that stems from a full awareness of your financial needs coupled with a thorough analysis of market behavior.

Mutual Funds Management

The Mutual Funds Management Service helps clients to choose among a wide range of investment strategies across many asset classes that match their financial objectives. Retail, corporations, governments, pension funds, endowment funds and non-profit organization can rely on us to manage their assets professionally & prudently.

Wealth Management

We don't only help our valued clients to manage their financial situations effectively but also we help them planning their financial future across all asset classes and available products, offering a broad range of investment solutions that can fit every client's needs.


Equity Fixed Income
Index Tracking
Enhanced index
Sector rotation
Technical analysis
Event driven
Fund of funds
Initial public offering
Small & medium caps
Income focused
Business Cycle
Conventional Islamic Compliance Conventional Islamic Compliance


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